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Double Platinum Member
Any tips for when someone sends me a link to a hosted file (as a flac) and all I want to do is play it but windows wont recognize it? I saved it down to my c drive and tried to pull it up into a few players - no go.

Yep - as you can tell - I failed computer science 101. Too busy with my clay tablets.

any tips are greatly appreciated!


"I'm losing my edge, but I was there..."
Gold Supporting Member
if you are on Windows get the Trader's Little Helper for conversion:


[FONT=verdana,arial] Features[/FONT] [FONT=verdana,arial] - Encoding of wav files to ape, flac, shn and mp3 format
- Re-encoding of flac files
- Decoding of ape, flac, mkw, shn, mp2 and mp3 files to wav format
- Direct conversion of ape, flac, mkw and shn files to flac or mp3 format
- Test of audio files encoded in ape, flac, shn and mkw format
- Verification of cfp, ffp, md5, sfv and st5 checksum files
- Creation of cfp, ffp, md5, sfv and st5 checksum files
- Display of audio file properties (ape, flac, shn, mkw and wav files)
- Fixing of sector boundary errors that come with ape, flac, shn, mkw, wav and mp3 files
- Removal of extra RIFF chunks in audio files
- Rewriting of WAVE headers to canonical format
- Creation of skt files for non-seekable shn files
- Test of wav files for mp3 source
- Creation of torrent files
- Display of the information encoded in torrent files
- Hashing of torrent files against local filesets or files
- Drag & Drop functionality for all supported file types
- Integration into Windows Explorer
- Check for update function


+1 on Traders Little Helper.

Also, if you use Winamp you can drop in the FLAC codec and play them directly.


My Windows Media Player plays .flac files fine (I'm using Windows Vista and WMP V.11). I just right clicked on a .flac file, hit "Open with" and then "Set Default Program" to WMP and they play great.

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