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Floor multi effects with minimal tone coloring


Hello everyone

I presently run a Mark IV in the loop of axe fx ultra. And a ground control pro.

I'm thinking of making my rig more portable and headphone friendly by replacing the setup with:

A Diesel VH4-2 pedal as preamp
A clean preamp probably something by AMT
A floor-based multi effects
A 44 Magnum Power Amp

The Floor based multi effects generally have L and R sends - 1 send for each preamp so I'd be able to switch between them through just creating patches.. hope that'll work.

My question is which floor effects will be best for this job? I've read that HX effects colors the tone too much, not sure how good FM3 would be as lots dont have it, FX8 I heard good things about but cannot find places to buy in Canada.

I'm also open to other options you guys recommend.


I'm not going to attempt to figure out what "color the tone" means to you, but:

In my experience, what colors the tone the most is the PLAYER over-effecting the signal. Almost any current floor multi-effect is pretty darn pristine, from a Digitech RP300 to a Fractal or whatever.

So, if you just use the effects judiciously, pick a nice cab sim and maybe put an eq or parametric eq right before that....you should be able to make a nice sound with whatever you use.

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