Floyd Rose question # 2


In 40 years of playing I've never touched a guitar with a floating system and am thinking about buying a Les Paul Axcess model with the Floyd. Currently I play a late '70's LP Deluxe and am curious how different it feels to play a guitar with a FR. I will not block it as I want the full range of fun. Anybody out there able to describe it? I realize that the neck may feel different, etc, I'm more wondering about the strumming hand and how that changes with a FR setup. Hope this makes sense.

Thank you and happy New Year to you all...

milli vanilli

Floyds have their own feel, kinda slinky. Strumming you have to be aware of pressure, but that's more for palm muting. Can also add or remove springs to adjust the overall feel as well. Bending is the only real downside- single note bends are easy and awesome but hey effect the other 5 strings, so double stop bending you really have to use your ears. Overall don't fear the Floyd! It's basically just a fender bridge that locks...

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