Flying across the country, taking my Strat as a carry on


American Airlines allows you to carry on your guitars- awesome policy. I'm flying from California to Kansas on Sunday, what case should I get for my strat? I'm leaning heavily towards the vintage fender style case because thats the one I want- but is that going to be too bulky/ cumbersome to put in the coat closet on the plane?

Wut do? :messedup


All airlines allow guitars in gig bags, they just discourage it. You'll find space in an overhead, just find a space where the bags aren't crammed in, slide it in over, behind in front of the other bags. The coat closet is usually reserved for fist class.

I've done this dozens of times without a problem. If questioned, be polite and say "I've always carried it on, it always fits just fine". The airlines have zero tolerance with rudeness and can ask you to leave, so be polite.

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