Flying V nerds, need your help! (And NGD pics)


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Hello folks, if there are any Flying V connoisseurs out there I need your help identifying the correct model name for my new V:

It's full gloss and came with an uncovered double-black hb in the neck. Serial number dates it as 10/2005 Nashville.

Question is, did they call this a 'v-factor' or ''67 reissue' or something else? Is there a "Flying V Standard" model? Assuming the pups are 490/498 ceramic? Was that case original to this model?

Thanks in advance for clarifying Gibson product nomenclature!

Edit: back reads "made in USA and def not a CS model


That looks killer. I'd love a gloss cherry V.

The 490 and 498 are Alnico, II and V, respectively. Not sure what your guitar has.

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