Flying with an Amp


I'm flying to Montreal from San Diego and I want to bring my H&K Switchblade 50 TSC combo with me. My current plan is to take the tubes out, put the amp in a flight case and check it. Has anyone done this before?

This is the sort of flight case I plan on using, if I can get one in time:

Aside from the possibility of the airline simply loosing it, do you foresee any issues?



It's no problem.

I laminate my info right on the case on all four sides.

The laminate sheet is 8.5x11 and I make the paper about 6x9
and there is plenty of glue area to stick it on the case, then we Gorilla Duct Tape the edges.

Most important is your cell number, this is what they will call if it gets misplaced.
Of course your name addy etc.

p.s. We always write on the side of the case, "Broken Cheap China Made Amp"
and "Needs to be Repaired".

And little do the people know there are some killer amps in there.

We have not had one amp stolen using this method.

We never put the bands name or stickers of the band on the road case
that travels by air. All the cases in our trucks have the bands name on them. Because our people are watching them.

We have Nic Names for all the amps and road cases, especially the racks.
All the snake cases and cables say they are the Rack's and all the Rack Cases say they are Fans. This is how to label cases when you have expensive gear. All our people know whats in them and
I would never write "1960 Tweed Twin" on the road case,.


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