Foot Controller for Intellifex


Looking for suggestions..(if it's possible) for a controller for my Intellifex. I use it in the effects loop of my amp and would like to switch patches without having to scroll through all of them to get to the ones I want. Since my amp's loop (Marshall DSL) is not bypass-able via footswitch (If it is, tell me) is there a controller which could by pass the effects unit? Would the Rocktron Midi Mate or Midi Exchange pedal accomplish this? Thanks!!


I seem to remember that there was a way to store a preset as "bypass on" but if not, it is very easy to create a preset with all the effect mix levels at zero and dry at 100%. You can also quickly and easily map different presets to midi program change assignments making integrating just about any midi pedalboard fairly easy. If you have a parallel loop (I think that's what the DSL has), set the dry to 0% in all patches (this can be done globally iirc, if not, time to program each patch so that you don't get a comb filter effect from mixing the parallel dry with the effect dry.


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