For the Brits and Europeans complaining about the price of made in USA

For the British and Europeans that have recently been complaining that it is impossible to get made in America Fenders for close to £1,000.00, GuitarGuitar sent out their daily email today advertising the line of 'American Standard' Stratocaster, Telecaster for £999.00 brand new, they are also selling the 'American Standard' Jazz Bass as well as Precision Bass for £1,099.00, again brand new, these are what they are currently selling the American Standard line of made in America Fenders for.

They are also giving pretty serious discounts on Gibsons, ES-335 studio - dot inlays and no pickguard, for £1,199.00 for a brand new one, £1,399.00 for a brand new ES-359 satin - with block inlays and pickguard, £1,499.00 for a brand new ES-Les Paul, and £1,699.00 for a brand new gloss ES-339.

Not to mention the serious discounts that they have on brand new Taylors - the discounts on these are close to 50% off, Ibanez's, Paul Reed Smith's - though these are always on sale somewhere for a great price, and Gretsch's.

I'm not going to list every guitar and the price of them that was advertised in the email that they sent out this afternoon, needless to say that I consider these to be pretty amazing prices considering the quality, desirability, usual cost of these guitars and the current value of both the GBP and the Euro.

So you can get mid to high end made in America guitars in the U.K. very easily for under £1,000.00, if you have been paying attention to prices you would know that sive at least 2010 you could pick up a brand new Gibson Les Paul, SG, Junior, MM for well under £1,000.00.

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