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For those giving private lessons....how did you build your business and get students??


I'm a pretty good player with a Degree from UW Madison and GIT after college...wanted to give lessons and share some knowledge but have no idea how to get started ...I live in Long Island NY ...thx for any input!!


Facebook, social media, word of mouth. Obviously helps my son is 8 and nephews 8-13 and easy to network. Don’t be fooled, guitar is still cool and EVERYONE wants to play!!

One piece of advice is quickly offer to help with purchasing, picking out gear. For a parent or person who want to start a big barrier is knowing what to buy, being embarrassed to ask etc. I’ve had a few people wanting lessons but never got past that first step so put it off.


Gold Supporting Member
Knowledge is important and knowing how to handle different peoples wants and needs is important. I passed on a few instructors after a few lessons because I didn't like the direction of the lessons.

Big factor for my current teacher is that he was willing to come to me and he was very organized. Makes it crazy easy on my end.


What kind of students do you want?

I'm a lifelong student, and have given a few lessons myself.

If you are looking for students who are serious players, then you will not really get any students unless you have video (Youtube) or audio (Soundcloud, whatever) representation of your playing. These days with remote learning, people will just gravitate towards the best player in the style they want ... or the best player they can get at a reasonable price who can regularly give lessons.

Back in the day, it used to be more like ... just comb local ads, check prices, and you had to hear the guy play live at the 1st lesson and if it seemed like he knew what he was doing ... try it out. But now, I'd say people want to see you play first.

If you want to give lessons to kids or more beginner students, then I would hook up with a local school and charge lower rates. Money always talks and as a young person, I always tended to go with the cheaper option.


Word of mouth/references are probably number one. Not big on social media or local advertising, seems to just attract mostly tire kickers and one timers. Playing live often helps bring in the older crowd.

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