For those who have pedals that have stopped working with batteries...

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Here's a little something I have discovered and wish to pass on as a way of thanking you guys for the endless gas and empty bank account that you have so generously given to me! :rotflmao

    Many pedals, especially those which use the square, circuit mounted power input sockets for their 9 volt power supplies (like Digitech and Tech 21) develop a problem where after using a power supply for any prolonged period of time won't then run off of batteries.

    I see many like these secondhand when listed on Ebay.

    The reason is that inside the power jack socket is a metal contact that is separated from seeing a battery as a power source the moment a 9 volt DC jack is inserted in it. When the power jack is removed this contact is supposed to spring back and separate to allow a battery's power through.

    Because this metal 'spring action' is a very fragile mechanism (no doubt due to the use of cheaper materials these days) after having being held in the open position by a power plug, it will often stay stuck in the power in 'position' and therefore won't 'see' a battery power source.

    I have often found that you can separate this tiny metal contact tag (which contacts with the barrel part of a DC power in jack) using a fine needle to prise it apart again before it is necessary to replace the socket entirely.


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    this is also a thing with amp effects loop jacks, a contact that is sprung shut (sending signal through when nothing is plugged in) starts to get intermittent, causing the whole amp to cut out.

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