For those who like penomenal solo guitar playing, artist promo time

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    This is Julian Lage's first solo recording. No real "jazz", mostly other influences, classical, to George Van Eps. In fact George's style is being honored here according to Julian.

    If you want to listen to this music a second time through, you might want to consider paying Julian for his work at his site. Or not.

    This is some of the very best plectrum and pick/finger playing I've ever heard. It's so clean and free of buzz, it is absolutely amazing, cleanest playing I may have ever heard. "I have ever heard" comes up a lot when thinking about Julian. No overdubs and no protools, just him and his Collings Waterloo guitar.

    Give it a listen and then come back and comment here ok?
    Comment on his technique, comment on compensation? =)

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