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For those with more than one guitar...


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If you had to sell all but one guitar that you currently own, which would you keep? Remember, you only get to keep 1, so don't list more than 1!

We're all under lockdown together, so have fun with it. :beer



I'd keep this one I have $30 in total in the guitar and mods together. The other guitars would sell for a lot more.

This one currently gets played more often than the Gibsons and most of the Fender and PRSs.
Easy to play (fret level), lightweight (6.5lbs), monster tone (16kohm humbucker splits to 8kohm single with push/pull tone), and just a lot of fun to play.

It's also a discontinued model ... so maybe someday it's on the path to collectable value increase, lol. Just need some kid to buy one at a pawn shop and become famous, because that's how all the other expensive guitars got there (LPs, Strats, Teles, Offsets).



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The one right in the middle of this pic. I put it together from warmouth parts 30 years ago. Koa body and Brazilian rosewood neck/fingerboard. Back then those were modest upcharges. It has Holmes pickups in it. About 3 years ago Pete Skermetta took it and totally rebuilt the neck, frets and the neck/body joint. Now it plays as good as or better than any high end guitar. Original Floyd. Both pickups can split. It's just a wonderful instrument I've put who knows how many thousands of hours into. It feels like a part of me. 2nd would be the Skermetta custom just to the left of it in the pic. Braz. RW board. Also with Holmes. They occupy complementary sides of lower/higher midrange EQ. Given a track to lay a part down, one of these would be perfect given whatever else was going on in the track.



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This is my number one. 2008 Custom 24. Its got the 10-Top, and the hollow birds i think are the best bird. I swapped out the pickups for some 58/15’s that came on an SC245. This guitar can cover so much ground its ridiculous. I would jump into fire to get this guitar back.
It would be tough. I've been a Gibson guy for over 20 years. My favorite guitar right now is my heavily modded Fireburst '14 SGJ. 24-frets, Tusq nut, with a JB in the bridge, 50's wiring, and push/pull coil splits. Has a batwing guard, amber/silver tophat knobs, and 3-ply TRC. It plays, sounds, and looks incredible.


The SG is my favorite, but isn't my #1. If I had to keep only 1, it would be my '96 USA Lonestar Strat. Shoreline Gold with pearloid pickguard and maple fretboard. Stock Texas Specials with a PG+ in the bridge. 50's headstock and logos. 2-point bridge. Came with OHSC. All stock except that I stripped the neck and refinished with Tung Oil.

That's the one I'd keep. That's the one that I know I can bring to absolutely any gig from church, to jazz, to blues, to punk, to metal, to classic rock, to funk. It does everything I need. It's not the best at some things, but it works for everything. One of these days, I'll get around to putting a JB in it, and it WILL be the best at everything.

I chased HSS Strats for 20 years trying to find the right one. Once I did, I'll never let it go.


I assume that if I'm going down to just one guitar that I'm no longer playing in public. I'd keep my Taylor 410e-R. If we are talking one do-it-all electric it would be my 2018 LP Classic Goldtop p-90. It covers chickin' pickin' cleanness and humbuckery fatness. I do have a Clapton Strat incoming that may alter the equation.

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