Forgive me wifey for I have sinned. It’s been zero days since my last guitar purchase. What did you buy this weekend?


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In all reality my wife had an assist on the last one. Here’s my rampage from this weekend. All seller’s pics.

90s Jackson PS2 that had been for sale forever. Has someone’s names and “4ever” carved into it. It’s a beautiful thing. I have a soft spot for derelict Jacksons.

Steinberger ss2f, waffled on this for a long time but decided to try it out.

This beast. Love everything about it.

What did y’all snag this weekend?


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My local music store sold an expensive Tube amp I had on consignment… saw this and couldn’t believe it. Have wanted a Stoptail 22 or McCarty for a long time….sounds so darn good and the 5 way rotary switch has great sounds in it‘s wiring configuration . Very little $$ out of pocket…..Happy days
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Finally worked out a deal on an orphaned locally built guitar I saw a few months ago. It had been hanging in the shop for 2 years, as part of a trade deal. I discovered the builder at another shop, and started to research his work. Clay Avenue, beautiful build, and sound. Might be the P-90 noiseless Railhammers. I think the body design might be off-putting. I'm a regular customer at this shop, and I never noticed the guitar. I really waited because the shape wasn't my favorite, and I might never be able to resell it. They finally took my offer, as I explained I was possibly the only person they might sell this to. The believed me...
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I almost bought someone's mint used Fender Ultra Luxe Tele on impulse, but i thankfully talked myself down from there! As much as I"d love to have one (particularly sentimental because i want to "replace" the Fender Tele i had before that i was forced to sell) I think i'm going to wait and get a Navigator instead.



Only thing I bought this weekend was a Fuzz pedal. It's just a cheapie, a Rowin G fuzz. Same circuit as the Tom's line, a Fuzz Face clone with germanium components. I tried a freinds Tom's line and loved it, did some research on line, and found that this is the same pedal in a different housing, so I ordered one. Should be here tomorrow.

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