Forgot how great SPONGE is


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Around 94 or so we were playing with another band in a horrible winter storm. A 3 nighter. No one was there but we made the most of it. Talking with the band who was awesome by the way the singer asked if we wanted to come back later in the week to open with them and a new band they were friends with and just got signed.
He said he just produced their record with his brother. We had never heard of them so we declined. The next week we saw this band .....Sponge on MTV. Darn.

The singer in this cover band we opened for and we talked to was Andy Patalan. Andy co produced the record and is now a member of Sponge along with the guitarist in that cover band.

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I loved Sponge back in the day. Listened to the cassette of "Rotting Pinata" constantly. I think most rock cover bands in the 90s played "Plowed", my band used to open with it.
I gotta admit though, I was not a big fan of "Wax Ecstatic". Feel like they kinda lost their way a little bit on that one.

the ep "For all the Drugs in the World" had some good stuff on it:


6 or 7 really great songs, and I remember a GuitarWorld interview where both guitarists said that they played Strats exclusively. Pretty heavy sound that defies the stereotype.

I've always liked them a lot.

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