Former flavor of the week pedals that are now yesterday's news


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Some mentions that come to mind:

Sick As overdrive
Diamond Compressor (remember when this was considered the MOST transparent one)
MXR Carbon Copy (used to be like a TGP right of passage to have one circa 2012)
TC Flashback (still popular but not considered amazing like it maybe once was)
I dunno man I just sold my Diamond comp in like 4 hours for 25% more than I paid for it. Seems like Diamond going MIA brought them back to the front of the line again.


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- Zvex Fuzz Factory
- Real analog delays in general, especially the DMM
- Pretty much anything made by Catalinbread
- Strymon TimeLine
Agreed about Catalinbread. I bought a Belle Epoch based on hype. Then all the other tape delay sims came along and it was yesterday's news.

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