Former flavor of the week pedals that are now yesterday's news


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When I first came on TGP I took suggestions and researched pedals.
Bought a bunch of them . Some were not to my liking and I found some builders that made stuff that was to my taste.
I am a much more critical buyer these days.
Some overdrives were too saturated and compressed simultaneously.
I still go to and keep up with Menatone and BJFe even if they aren't the flavor of the week.


Carbon copy is still up there, still an amazing pedal!
A couple of weeks ago and 11(?) years later, I bought my second - for the same board!

Lode Runner

Every single pedal released by BuffaloFx.

Made even more ironic by the (not undeservedly) massive love towards the same offerings now that they come from PastFX.

The ways of the gear nerd are very strange.

Also, real-life proof that it is no lie what they say about not *******ing where you eat.


Some mentions that come to mind:

Sick As overdrive
Diamond Compressor (remember when this was considered the MOST transparent one)
MXR Carbon Copy (used to be like a TGP right of passage to have one circa 2012)
TC Flashback (still popular but not considered amazing like it maybe once was)
CC is on my board.


Didn't Skreddy used to be super popular here? And I think someone beat me to it, but the Empress Super delay and Tape Delay were hot as f*ck for a while, untill everyone and their mothers started bringing out their own digital multi-delay pedlols and gave everyone option anxiety...


Often, pedals that have been popular in the past, eg, Diamond and Barber, when the availability, was threatened, by company closure or supply chain issues, the demand increases.

With the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, shutting down the supply chain, manufacturers, are throttled and new music gear is getting harder or impossible to obtain, the used market prices have increased dramatically, to retail pricing or above. There are still a large inventory of good used pedals that are functional but don't have the mystique of boutique, eg, Way Huge, Boss, MXR, etc.

I am fortunate, to have three evolutions of pedals to draw upon and the foresight, I was able to snipe cheap pedals, amps and cabs, during the lockdown, when sellers where using stimulus money to improve their setup.

There are still good deals, especially, from beginners who wanted to learn to play guitar and are flooding the used market with guitar gear as inflation increases and the cost of living rises and they require liquidity to pay increased mortgages.

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