Sold Forte 3D Cabs - 1x12 and 2x10 Horizontal


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Selling a couple of my Forte Cabs. Both are in great shape as described below. Pricing is for unloaded cabs. I'll gladly load them with any speakers I have left that are currently listed for sale here in the emporium:

Forte 3D 2x10 Speaker Cabinet with kickstand, premium cloth, plug n play jacks, and Studio Slips cover
I had Dave at Forte build this for me last year before he closed up shop. This was a new design of his that I believe I was the first one to purchase and maybe the only one as he closed for business a couple months after I got it. It is NOT a modified 2x12 cabinet but a stand alone new addition to his product line. It's a great sounding cab!

There are a few minor bumps in the tolex on the bottom side only (see photos) from wheeling it around on my cart, but no tears, scrapes, or scratches. Has the kickstand and plug n play jack plate options installed. Can be run in 4 ohm or 16 ohm in mono, or 8 ohm stereo. Also has a custom made Studio Slip padded cover that will be included. Ships in the original Forte packaging. New, this cabinet was $495 + $100 for the studio slip.

Measures 16" high (+3/4" for feet) x 27" wide x 14" deep.

Unloaded 2x10 cab and cover -- Sold

Forte 3D 1x12 Speaker Cabinet with kickstand, premium cloth, and Studio Slips cover
This was my first 3D cab, purchased in late 2013, and I used it with my TR SP-50 and a variety of different speakers. Sounds great and really looks good too! There are a couple bumps on the bottom of the tolex from wheeling it around on my gear cart, and one ding through the tolex on the bottom edge (see photos). the top and sides are scratch and ding free all around. This cab was $475 new plus the Studio Slip cover.
Unloaded 1x12 cab and cover - SOLD!!
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