Found a great speaker for the EDT 13/29


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I know Fred designed this amp with the Vintage 30 in mind. It seems to work pretty good but I found something that might be a little better match. I recently came into an old peavey cab that was loaded with late 70s or early 80s Celestion G12K-85, which is basically a G12K-100 now. The magnet is smaller than the Vintage 30 and the dust cap is big. This speaker smooths out the highs that the Vintage 30 has. I find the V30 to have a touch of a glassy or harsh high end to it when pushed. The G12K doesn't do that. Seems more balanced without giving up on the nice midrange the V30 has and slightly punchier. I had the G12K in a separate 1x12 cab so I need to try it in the D13 cab to be sure but I think it might be a better speaker for that amp.

It also sounds really good with the Ecstacy as well. More testing this weekend.

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