Found a nice surprise inside my new (old) Strat pickup cavity


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So I just bought a 2001 Fender American Strat on Reverb, and the ad mentioned that everything on the guitar is original. I had planned to eventually swap out the stock pickups for a set of Fralins or Lollars, but when I plugged it in today, I was pleasantly surprised with how good the pickups sounded.

Well, to my surprise, I took off the pickguard and found out that the pickups had been swapped out for a set of Lollar Specials :dude

On the downside, it seems that the bottom tone control (tone knob furthest from the volume knob) doesn't affect the tone of bridge pickup. Is that a common thing to do? Never heard of anyone doing that before.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm obviously not a strat guy... I learned that the wiring is perfectly normal :bonk
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