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Found a really nice clean tone setting in my tweed Deluxe clone


Silver Supporting Member
Plugged straight into Input 2 of the Bright channel. Volume knob of the Normal channel dimed, tone control dimed, and volume knob of the Bright channel to taste (but starting at around 3 or 4). Very nice clean tones with a Tele or Strat, and not too terribly mid-heavy. Back off the Normal channel volume to about 10.5-11 (the knobs go to 12) adds a bit of hair to it, but not a lot. Sounds loverly! :AOK


And a few pics of said amp...



yeah, it's kinda cool the way the two volume controls are interactive, (and inversely!). i've done the exact same thing you describe. not only does it take out some of the girth but it also allows for finer volume adjustments . . . i don't know about yours but mine goes from 'off' to 'too loud for private practice' on Bright Channel Input 1 with my LP. so i turn the the Normal Channel Volume up to quiet it down (to 10 and above, like you said).


Thanks for the clean setting info. I tried them with my Richter 5E3 TD and works as advertised. However, I found it a little too bright for my taste and plugged into the normal channel and dimed the bright volume and the tone knob. Much better for my taste with my rig. Strat and or Daytona straight into amp. YMMV of course

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