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Four hour gig last night


First four hour since March. We’ve done a few shorter, 2-3 hour gigs, but this was the first “full length”.
It was so good to get out and play a bunch of songs. The fourth set was a reminder of how tired you can get playing, and packing up was brutal. Ready to go again, though :)
After being shut out since March, I played a 4 hour rowdy outdoor party in early September, and at age 64 I can say no more. 4th set my ears were shot and load out was plain tiresome. A couple weeks ago I did a two hour outdoor gig that was perfect.


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Probably over 20. I've lost count. 10 of my Friends caught it on Mackinaw Island in Michigan 2 weeks ago when they all went up for a gig one of them had. It spread as far as Nashville before they showed symptoms, so who knows how many that 10 spread to?
4 of them that I know of are in the hospital. 1 of them has come home so far. I saw pictures of them on the Island hamming it up for the camera with no masks on and in close contact. My Friend that left the hospital said at one time they were all in a hotel room together without masks. 2 of these people are x band mates of mine.
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