Foxrox CC Hybrid Fuzz - I just bit the bullet.


Ive sworn off fuzzes numerous time threw out my guitat life. I'm a Jimi fanatic, love vibes and ways and octave pedals. But I just can't get anything decent out of a fuzz pedal. But I am drawn to them, lie an evil seductress, every time hoping this one will be kind to me...

So I bit the bullet and just ordered a Foxrox CC Hybrid. I'm a huge foxrox fan so I'm banking on Dave's magic to finally convert me to fuzz for life. Anyone out there a Cc fan?? I've head good things. Anyone stacking theres with a Zim? If so how does it sound?

Dog Boy

They are very cool. Gain of the Silicon with the Germ warmth, not finiky...can't go wrong!

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