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FR5 Dotted Eighth Settings?


I am trying to dial-in my FR5 for a good dotted 8th setting but cannot seem to get a good one. The manual has an "Edge" setting but it doesn't really come close.

I am looking for something like U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" or Walk The Moon's "Shut Up And Dance".

I also posted this in the "Modeling" forum so if double-topics aren't allowed I apologize.

dean owens

The tap is only 1/4 notes. If you can count 1e&a2e&a and tap on the & and e you should get it. I personally can't. If you're asking where to set the time without tapping (which I think you are) I can't help you there. I just use the DLA on the FR5 as my "lead" delay and run a DD-20 after it for all my other delay needs.

Sorry I'm no help. I do wish they would have put a switch to go from 1/4 to .8th on there.


Silver Supporting Member
You're going to have to turn the level and feedback up a lot. The delay on the FR5 is voiced like a tape echo so it's dark compared to a bright digital delay like the U2 song you mentioned.

You'll also need to be able to tap in dotted eighth notes manually since the tap on the FR5 is quarter note only.

dean owens

Okay, so to tap-in 8ths, I do what exactly? Total n00b here...
So you have something in 4/4 and you would count...
1 2 3 4 for the quarter notes and that's how most tap tempo pedals are set up. you would tap on the 1/4 notes but flip a switch and the pedal would do the math for other subdivisions for you.

You can break those 1/4 notes into 8th notes...
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

Then you can break 8th notes into 16th notes...
1 e & a 2 e & a 3 e & a 4 e & a

A dotted note is it's value plus half it's value. So a .8th is 3 16th notes. So on a delay that only allows you to tap 1/4 notes you can tap in .8th by counting 16th notes and taping every 3rd 16th note. So tap on the "1" and the "a" and that should give you .8th.

I personally can't do it even though I know the concept. I'm sure I could with practice, but with a DD-20 I don't have to learn how to do it ;)

Here's a video basically saying the same thing that might help explain it better.

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