Sold Fractal Audio AX8 Amp Modeler/Multi-FX Processor + EV1 Expression + over $200 of extras!


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Mint condition Fractal Ax8 (USA made version), Fractal EV1 expression pedal, TRS cable, and over $200 of extras including:

  • Freman Preset Pack $50
  • Freman 5 Scene Pack $25
  • Fractal Cab Pack 7 $30
  • Fractal Cab Pack 8 $30
  • Fractal Cab Pack 10 $30
  • Fractal Cab Pack 15 $30
  • Fractal Cab Pack 17 $30
  • The Amp Factory Mesa Boogie 4x12 $10
  • Ownhammer Marshall 4x12 $10
  • Ownhammer Theile 1x12 $10

Securely packaged and shipped for $1450 Paypal!

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I'm in Richmond VA. I'm ok with the bundle. Just saying that I wasn't valuing it as much as you might have paid for it, if that makes sense. What's the lowest you'd go?

What's the story on the Chinese versions? For Vox at least, the amps got better when they went to China production. I haven't heard anything yet on the AX8.

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