Sold Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II mk II - Behringer FCB1010


Very good condition. Some scratches on the bottom. One of the rack corners has some paint chipping away. Everything is in 100% working condition. Never once had a problem with any of the jacks or knobs. Currently has Quantum v. 2.01 firmware - which sounds fantastic!

If you are uncertain about the different models of Axe-Fx II visit this site:

In summary, the mk II has the upgraded ethernet jack for the MFC-101 connection. It doesn't have the upgrades made to the XL or XL+ which are listed at the link above. However it has the same DSP and is still receiving firmware updates moving into the future.

SOLD $1600 + Shipping.

I will throw in the 2U space rack case unit for an extra $50.

I also have a Behringer FCB1010 for sale. It has the Eureka Prom 2 chip ordered in 2014 installed. Has some really nice integration with the Axe-Fx or other midi devices. With the Axe it currently has a pedalboard mode where you can assign any of the CC changes for individual effects, X&Y, or scene increment / decrement to any of the buttons. It has preset mode. It has a looper mode. It has a favorite preset mode. It has an effects/ preset mode where you can have the top row select presets and the bottom row select effects within each preset. It is in good condition. All switches, buttons, and foot pedals are in full working condition.

$85 + shipping.

We can work out a discount for multiple items.

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