Sold Fralin Split Blade Strat Pickups on Wired SSS Pickguard - NEW!!!

Stan Malinowski

Gold Supporting Member
I built this to put on a Project Guitar, But Never Got to it!

  • Fralin Split Blade Noise Cancelling Pickup Set (Neck/Middle/Bridge)
    • Brand New ($300 New)
    • Blues Special Winding
    • Medium Radius (9." to 11")
    • White
  • Prewired ACME Harness (New)($75 New)
    • CTS Pots
    • CRL 5 Way Switch
    • Note: Completely Wired with the exception of the Pickup Leads and the Output Jack
  • WD W/B/W 11-Hole Strat Pickguard (New)($25 New)
  • $OLD
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