Fralin Tele Bridge Pickup Options

Hey guys.
I got a Classic Series 60's tele (MIM) at the beginning of the year. I'm VERY happy with everything about it except for the bridge pickup. It reads as 6.15K compared to about 8.5K on the neck. Of course the result is a thin sound that can be overly bright to the point of sounding harsh. So I'm going to replace it in the coming months.

I want something that will balance better with the smooth mellow tones I get from the neck pickup. I still want it to sound like a bridge pickup, but I want some body and character, as well as balanced output. I don't need something high output with an aggressive nature. I tend to play clean more than not, but when I do I like either mild overdrive (from my trotsky) or I'll go crazy with fuzz (BMP), but I'd certainly say that a good usable clean tone is a priority. The music I make is on the folk side of indie. I also like to noodle around on the blues from time to time.

I plan to go with a Fralin, I've read nothing but good reviews from happy customers and they seem to be priced competitively. From what I've read I've been leaning towards the blues special. Does this pickup fit what it sounds like I'm after? Are there other options to consider that will better fit that sound? Also, what stagger should I go with? I've just been thinking of going with the flat pole stagger. I've found it difficult to get a balanced output when playing chords with the stock stagger. I always seem to lose the wound strings.

Thanks a lot.


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i have the most overwound tele pickup fralin makes (10k) and it's still remarkably clear and balanced. the blues special should do just fine. the vintage stagger is right for that 7 1/4" radius you have. at most, go with the hybrid stagger.


+1 for the blues special. With that sort of neck pu impedance it should balance quite well. Wonderful tele bridge pu


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I have tried the blues and have owned the "stock" pickup which is called vintage hot. Thet pickup is definately clear and loud--not thin at all. The blues will get darker in comparison. I highly recommend the vintage hot, as the darkness is strange sounding to my ears.

You can always
-Call and speak w/ Lindy Fralin himself
-Return them for exchange

It is a great deal.


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I just purchased a Fralin Blues Special bridge
pickup for my tele,but it does "not" mix well
with Fender pups

called Fralin, and Fender winds them diff
then other manufacturers

it's diff polarity, or diff north going, south coming
diff wind direction....whatever it is


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I've got a 7.4ish-k fralin bridge pickup. I'm not a traditional twang-banger tele player (much more into zep, early clapton, rory gallagher, ej, etc.)... to me, lower output pickups (up to a certain point) let the tone of the guitar shine through a lot truer. That's what i dig about them. Now what else i like is that you can always add midrange without changing your core tone too much... with hi o/p pups though, its a lot harder to kill off some of the mids without taking a razorblade to your tone.

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