Fralin Twangmaster & P92 Combo question



I've got a two humbucker mahogany tele getting a single coil make over and I have some wiring questions.

My current plan is to put a Fralin Twangmaster (8400 wind, same as Blues Special Strat pickup) in the neck and a P92 (also 8400 wind, but Lindy explained that at that wind it's about 10% more output than the Twangmaster) in the bridge. Figured I could cover a lot of ground with that combo.

Now, my question is how to wire it up. I've got one volume, one tone and a three-way selector, and adding more pots or concentric pots is a last resort.

Conventional wisdom seems to say 500K pots for the P92, and I'm not sure what for the Twangmaster. I was assuming 250K because (I think) it's basically a strat pickup?

So, how should I wire this up? 500K all around? 500K with a resistor somewhere for the Twangmaster? Dumb question: is 500K plus a resistor really the same as a 250K pot?

Advice is always appreciated!

many thanks,

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