Sold Fralin UnBucker aged cover in five hole bakelite~ish guard...or will seperate

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The Lindy Fralin Unbucker gives you great coil-tapped and humbucking tones – all in one. With the Unbucker, the coils are wound slightly different from each other, giving you a stronger single coil tone when tapped.

guard has the legendary BLACK RING on the back side

    • Mis-matched coil turns for a stronger single-coil tone
    • AlNiCo IV Magnets for a smooth, rich sound
    • Fits any Standard Humbucker or F-Spaced Humbucker routing
    • Made and wound with USA-Made Parts by hand in Richmond, VA
Bright, chimey, with a clear, open midrange. The Fralin Unbucker has one coil that is wound stronger than the other that gives this pickup a unique tone. Our Unbucker sounds similar to our Pure P.A.F. with a more open and airy midrange and top end. You’ll get outstanding clarity and articulation with the Fralin Unbucker – something we’re known for. When playing dirty, you’ll get a nice, sharp pick attack and great clarity, and a tight and punchy low end.

$150 shipped cont USA
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I have one in the neck of custom Tele.
I have had a low wind Lollar in there among others.
I love it!!

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