Frank Marino - Guitar Solo 1979


There was a rather famous story going around the store where I worked in Montreal. Mahoganey Rush was going to play Place des Nations, and Frank ran in one day and asked for "the cheapest Strat copy you have", which he purchased and left with.
At the PDN show someone thought that it would be a good idea for frank to do his solo atop a small platform at the top of a flagpole, so during the drum solo Frank was climbing up a rope ladder. Once in place, the solo ends, and the spotlight pans to Frank (who has bigger balls than me) high in the air. The solo starts : plink, plink, plinkety-plink. The pedals were off (Frank used solid state Acoustics, and his high E is a .007). A roady runs out and tap dances, then RAWRRRR,BOOM, WHEEE-EEE-EEE.
At the end of the set Frank donned his new Stratlike object, and proceeded to smash it against the stage. The effect was somewhat weakened by the fact that plywood don't break so good.
Still, he's a great player.


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Ahhh Electric Reflections of War, one of my favorite peaces of music by Frank, or ever for that matter. Remember seeing him do this live. Mind blowing stuff!


Great player who made some great records and is greatly ignored by alot of people. But I look forward to any new music he makes and listen to his records alot.

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