Sold Freakin' Danocaster T for sale/trade


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I've had this Freakin' era Danocaster Tele for a few years, but I'm not playing as much guitar these days and I really should let it move on to a more appreciative owner, allowing me to fund some other things that I currently need for the studio arsenal. Very smooth neck, nice weight, plays and sounds great. and who doesn't love that logo ! Currently set up with 10s and pretty low action.

Will sell for SOLD, shipped and paypal'd to the US, in a hard case. I'm also interested in trades for a Strat of similar quality [Danocaster, K-Line, Custom Shop, Suhr, etc] or a Les Paul of similar quality [no P90s], potentially with $ going either way as needed.

*Total Weight - 7lbs 3 oz
* 2 pc lightweight Alder body
* chunky C neck / w/ dark Rosewood fingerboard
* 9.5 radius / 6105 frets / 1 5/8" nut
* low wind Curtis Novak pickups
* CTS pots / all cloth wire / paper in oil cap
* Freakin' Danocaster logo
* steel saddles

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Dano's "wear" looks so honest. I was just checking out a Fender factory video and they show a heavy reliced Tele. Not even close to what Dano is doing.
Awesome looking Freakin'.

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