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This is an old, old, trick that I learned from a guitar store owner in the 1960s. If you take your solid-body electric guitar and press the end of the headstock against a door, it will amplify the sound of your playing very considerably.

I do this all the time with my Strats on 6-panel pine doors, but it works well with hollow doors, too.

This also confirms that the headstock and neck have a lot to do with the resonance and tone of a guitar.

I know a lot of people already know about this, but this is for those who have maybe never tried it.

I am not sure what the DAF (Door Amplification Factor) is, but I am going to do some measurements and get back to you. In my house, the solid pine doors are loudest, followed by the hollow slab doors. The metal entrance doors are not very good at all.

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I do this with various wooden tables when I'm at the cabin. Just rest the headstock down on the table, and it really does sound like some kind of amp is being used. Different tables will give you different sounds. Haven't tried doors though..lol

Steppin' Wolfe

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Back when I was way crazy...1968....at the age of 17 going down the road at 70 mph in my Chevelle, I discovered that placing the headstock of my ES-345 against the window glass amplified that guitar enough to entertain the young lady who was brave enough to be in the car with me. Yes, I was also the driver of the car....
Good vibrations, indeed......


I don't remember how I found this out as a kid, probably by accident. I haven't thought about it for awhile though - thanks for bringing back some good memories.



Great post!

Never tried doors, but walls work too! Depends on the wall, some work better than others.

Also sitting at the piano with a guitar in hand, depress the sustain pedal and touch the end of your headstock to the piano... pretty cool.
This mechanical coupling works in reverse too- one of my tricks when I gig as a bass player is to back up and press the body of my bass against the cabinet. Makes low notes sustain like pedal tones on a church organ.


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Ok, now more typical comebacks:

- Is there a relationship between door size and volume (Watts)?
- Do you use a cabinet door at home, and a full sized door for gigs (and a garage door for stadiums)?
- Is the amount the for is open in the frame equivalent to tube bias?
- Is using a plastic door like using a modeler?
- Do you hang a "Marshall" logo on your door?

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