Free Brass section VSTi. It sounds amazing


i couldn't find any English on the page - could you tell us what platforms it supports? OS9 perhaps? are the 30-some parts it's sample base?

thanks for the post, man, hope you can clarify! :)


Well, ill try to tell you all i know about this :)
I think it only supports windows, it comes with an win32 installer, but i dont know if once you have the dll you can import it to mac.

With the 33 rars you also have the samples, but you cant see them, its all in the big 130+ Mb dll, thats the bad thing, if you use one instance of the instrument you will have to load the whole sample collection ( i hope this will be fixed in futures updates)

2 or 3 of the presets are out of tune, thanks god i didnt like them :p but the rest are very nice.
Also, a few of them have noise, but if you try them in a song you are not gonna notice it.

I made a little test so you can see if you are interested:

Before you click on the file, please, i am not a keyboard player, this has been played without midi editing, its just me playing a few random notes or riffs to show the sound of the plugin.

The best thing is that its free :)
I am working right now in a little tune with drums, bass, guitars and brasses and with this plugin i'm getting a very realistic sound.
I am using the function "freeze" with this because i need my Ram :p

I tested this with my cubase, samplitude 7( demo, i am still thinking if i should switch from cubase, but im waiting to v.8) and a friend of mine has tested it with nuendo 2.0.

Sorry for my bad english...and for the clip :p


Hi. I've just found this page on google because I'm looking for a free Brass Section VSTI. I've tried to check out your mp3 but the link doesn't work. I also clicked on the link to check out the VSTI but because it's in a different langauge I had't a clue as to what I was looking at:jo !! Could you advise me as to what I need to do to get hold of it or would it be possible for you to post a specific link or email the VSTI to me? Finally, is the VSTI written in a different language or are there english instructions?
Many thanks!!

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