Free surfboard from K-coast ??


Hey guys, i don't know if any of you guys surf, but i'll pass this on to all of my gear page brothers anyway!

K-coast Surf Shop and will be giving away a brand new Bondi 6'0 surfboard to one luck winner!

All you have to do to enter is go to and join our email mailing list, or stop by the store and enter. The board will be on display at k-coast on 35th street, Ocean City, MD or you can see the board by going to the gallery section of and clicking on the K-coast surfboard giveaway folder.

The winner will be chosen by drawing a random email on October 31 2009, Halloween day! You do not have to be a local to enter, we will ship the board anywhere in the United States!

Here is the board info: 6'0 swallow tail - 2 3/16" - 19 1/8" - FCS tri/quad

This is a great chance to win a super sweet FREE surfboard! Go to right now and join our mailing list to enter. While you are there check out our new online store!

Thank you,
Team K-coast


Cool. We've had some good waves, so I've been surfing all week. I'd sign up, but I'd sink any board less than 7 feet. :hide

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