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Hey Guys - I'm thinking about getting the Quad Arrow or Scofield Special SOV when it comes out. Anyone had any experiences with their stuff and can compare with other boutique makers and/or Providence?


no, ive got a standard SOV-2 and its cool, but they need a power supply because the battery lasts like 2 hours. i looked at a gutshot of the free the tone version when they were with providence, and it was exactly the same as the standard version, except there was one cap added.. i was expecting to see hand wired for the price difference but it wasn't. i guess the separate company "free the tone" has made some slight tweaks from the old sov2 free the tone at providence, but i have no idea what the difference is... i was going to pull the trigger on one even thought the price is crazy, just cause i was curious.... but then thought i wait till the matt schofield one comes out cause i use similar gear and style. they've got a couple new designs too but they don't sound like my style... there is someone on here who has the new sov2 though.. :)


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I had both the FTT and the standard SOV-2. The FTT-version was incomparably better than the standard SOV-2. I liked the standard version and bought the FTT just for fun not expecting much difference. I sold the standard version immediately and kept the FTT. More dynamics, more open sounding. Really a huge difference. Reading about the Scofield version, I am expecting a kind of buffer to be added to the pedal. Don't know how that will affect the tone.


Thanks. I sent them a note and they were very responsive and courteous. I'm on the wait list for the Scofield and Quad Arrrow. Considereing the KLON already has a buffer in it and Scofield has his SOV in front of it it will be interesting to hear the result (which I'm sure will be good). Is Matt on TGP? Here is the difference between them:


Thank you very much for your interest in the Free The Tone products.

The new Free The Tone custom SOV-2 and the Matt SOV Special have basically a
bit different circuit.
According to Matt's request, the Matt SOV Special has the newly developed
very special input circuit to prevent guitar signal degradation even when
bypassed. We have not yet opened the specification of the MATT SOV SPECIAL
but we will announce the information soon. The price also has not yet
decided but the MATT SOV SPECIAL will be handmade custom products in limited
quantity so I believe the price would be the same range of Free The Tone
custom product line.
Please wait for further information about the MATT SOV SPEICAL.

Regarding the Providence Stampede SOV-2 is quite different from Free The
Tone products. The original circuit was developed by Free The Tone, however
the Providence Stampede SOV-2 is a modification of the original design to
make it more suitable for mass production in a factory and cost effective.

The Free The Tone custom SOV-2/Overdrive features special bipolar power
supply that powers the internally circuitry with /-15volts, providing more
than three times the dynamic range of conventional 9-volt powered
overdrives. As a result, there is more head room in the Free The Tone
Custom SOV-2/Overdrive than Providence Stampede SOV-2, and it has the full,
harmonically rich overdrive sound.

Basically Free the Tone Custom SOV-2/Overdrive is handmade by the designer
one-by-one by selecting the highest quality parts. We will not compromise
with the sound quality !!

Thank you very much.
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I had a delivery of the FTT SOV-2 couple of weeks ago and got a chance to try one out - I was very impressed.


Looking forward to checking out the other models when they arrive.


I jsut received my Free the Tone SOV-2 and I must say it's really good! It doesn't try to copy any sound, it really has it's own character and I like it. The pick responsiveness is really good too, it can do that edge of breakup sound very well.

I'm already looking forward to purchasing the Gigs Boson and the Iron Forest or Quad Arrow.

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Ill be doing some demos of the new Matt Schofield SOV-2 and the new hand wired Compressor pedal from Free The Tone.

Ill be demoing in fact all 3 generations of the SOV-2 pedal - will post here when done!


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My lust is for the Quad Arrow. It sounds fantastic in the Burgs demo. Too bad for me that they're so pricey.

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