Free VST Amps and Lynchback IR's - 80's Hard Rock and Metal


So I got curious today and busted out some free VST amps that have been sitting in a plugin folder unused for about 5 years... and was very impressed. Signal chain is:

Guitar - pre-lawsuit USA PRS Tremonti signature single cut with stock bridge pup swapped for an HFS
DI - instrument in on Prism Orpheus
VST Amp -LePou LeXTAC into Ignite Amps TPA-1
IR - OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB LYNCH PROG-M+

Playing is a little rough in spots, but it's been one of those weeks, and that's rock and roll. :dude

My main reason for pulling them out again is I feel it to be frustrating having to re-amp to digital boxes during the tracking phase, for me it almost feels unnatural to run DA/AD loops to software (in general), adds unnecessary latency, etc. After this I may be using this chain more often for distorted guitars, and absolutely will be during tracking for low latency, low hassle playback from here on out!

Hope you dig! :)


So that was you! That was excellent. That was the reason I bought the IRs within minutes of hearing that. They feel and sound great, pretty good for reamping/recabbing. I love the PROG ones the most. PROG 6 and PROG 10. The room ones have some liveliness, might actually utilize those in the future.


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