Freeway Jam


Great playing! Had that JB vibe going on for sure. Nice tones too! I bet you were having alot of fun playing that!
Thanks guys. Listening to it a day latter, I have to say I'm already over it...:NUTS

But, I do like the recorded tone. The tone was moderate to high gain on the TriAxis, with the gains set on 6.5. Just enough gain to get dirty, but little enough that you can back of on the picking to clean up. I think that came through on the recording. It would come off as more gainy if I recorded it at a live level, but I'm in a crappy apartment, and can't get the richness of the power amp without risking a flogging.

Also, I like how the room mic helps bring out the dynamics in your performance. I didn't use any limiting, or compression on the guitar. I only hit the low cut on the room mic to keep out the boom.

New speakers coming tomarrow. I got' some more ET65's, and I'll test out some Veteran 30's. Look for some more clips soon. :stir

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