Frequency cancellation when you really hit the 'Pocket'?


Ok, sure, whatever you say. Been playing in bands for 35 years, almost all genres, studied under some serious jazz dudes in college, never once heard the word "pocket" applied to note choice. Probably just a matter of semantics.
Seriously?! I'm genuinely curious. Take a half step up (or down), from anywhere, and it's probably the wrong note. That would not be the 'pocket' that would be a clam.

What does everyone else think about this?!
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I think pocket as being rhythm specific but can agree that one would assume the notes to be correct as well. Kinda like tight but super tight and seated well so that the musical output of multiple players is completely synchronised.

Regarding frequency cancellation I thought that there had to be two identical wavelengths 180 degrees out of phase for this to work. Pretty hard to achieve strictly in an ensemble of different instruments.

Jon makes a pretty plausible psycho-acoustic phenomena argument with transient dominance/cancellation at loud SPL's. Very interesting...

I have never been consciously aware of this in my situations but think it's perfectly reasonable.

Yet another thing to look forward to in music, thanks OP :)

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