Fret Leveling Refinishing Kit Thomas Ginex Cheap Works Well VIDEO


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I bought this Thomas Ginex fret refinishing method over three years ago (under $30.00 then now $38.00) I used it once with good results and now twice. Being stuck at home mostly because of Covid and bored out of my gourd and totally confined to the house this last week because of forest fires knocking on my door. I had this $39.00 Bangood telecaster thinline body with with a cheap $19.00 Strat/Tele neck. They have been hanging and laying around in my shop over three years. I bought them to practice my dog hair finish technique on. Anyway, I had some nice hardware, pickups, in my parts drawer so I put it all together and surprisingly it plays and sounds pretty darn good. Anyway my experience with the Thomas Ginex product is very positive. IT IS ADVERTISED AS A REFINISHING KIT THE KEY WORD HERE IS "REFINISHING"

I would not use this on a new build, refret work or on any high quality pro-line instrument such as my Black Phoenix, 1962 reissue Tennesse Rose, 77 Guild X500, 1964 Gibson ES125T, 1961 Gibson reissue ES330 VOS with Bigsby.

That being said, I would use this all day long on a bunch of lower end Tele, Strat , Les Paul, and other none pro-line fine playing any style guitars that need some fret refinishing.
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I needed to find a video of what the kit contains.
They use string tension which is good to get the shape of the neck under load (it's almost an S curve when playing)
It's a short leveling beam... which will work, but not as good as a longer level.
The 'crowning' passes will level the fret tops too, so that's questionable, The only saving/protection is the paper grit is much lower at that point.

A different technique uses a $10 truss rod as the sanding beam.


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