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Fret question - 6105 or 6150


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So I'm putting the pieces together for my upcoming partsocaster (first one)...

I mostly play the blues, rock, psych, etc styles of music and while I can play softly I tend to fret heavy handed a lot of the time. Knowing that...I'm trying find out which fret size might be for me. Are there any hard and fast rules when picking out frets in regards to the 'white knuckle'/heavy fretting type of playing? I'd like to avoid sharps/flats as much as possible.

I've had medium jumbos (6150s) before but haven't played on a 6105.
Any thoughts?


I am used to 6150s. Have played them most of my life and all of my guitars have them except the one I just received. It is different and will take some getting used to. The feel is not as fluid for me. The frets are taller, which I feel when sliding up the neck mostly. I need to focus a bit on making sure I get where I'm going and not let the bumps distract me.

Not as bad as jumbos though. I've only played 3 gigs with that guitar and half the time at the gigs, so I'm not going to say they are bad, just different. I'm sure I will find something I like about them, just haven't so far. :p



I love 6105's but they are tall and skinny. Might not be the best for you if you are heavy handed.


Like 6150, rounded crowns feel easier to move around the board. Bending fine. I have guitars w/ both 6105+6150.


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Dana Olsen

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I agree with Go7 - sounds like you need wider, rounder frets, narrower frets. 6105's are actually medium width, but they're quite tall. If you squeeze 'em like you mean it (GRIN), either use wider wire, or if you like medium width, you can use 6105 and mill 'em down quite a bit - then they feel much smoother, less 'speed-bumpy'.

Or, just go for wide and tall-ish and mill those down a little lower.

You'll do yourself a big favor to try some out before you buy, so you can make a more informed decision. Try out some guitars at a store where the tech knows something about frets, and when you like the way one feels, ask the tech to measure the fret height and width so you knw what it is you like, then get those!

Good Luck, Dana O.

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