Fretboard Diagram Printer/ Online Learning Tool


I just posted this as a response to another OP's question, and then thought I should put it up as a resource for everyone to use. Can't tell you how much mileage I've gotten out of this tool, and it's free.

Best source I've found, online not in a book, but you can print it for teaching any lesson on any scale you can think of, is Andrew Pouska's site:

Great tool for teaching. Don't let the Study Bass fool you, it works for just about any stringed instrument and gives you full fretboard maps of scales and chords. The scale tool is awesome too because it can name either the note itself, or it's interval in the scale, or both, which is hugely useful in teaching IMHO. One of the biggest advantages in playing is knowing what interval you are on in relation to the tonic and how it works over the chord, this site makes that easy to show instead of just explain.

Andrew's bass lessons are wonderful too. I'm a guitar player and learned a LOT by going through his bass instructions. Really helps from a chord tone point of view on what to play, when and why. Check it out!


Awesome tool! Thanks for sharing! I'm checking out the lessons as well, everybody needs some bass basics every now and then.


+1 on the site.

I've cited it a number of times in responses to posts seeking learning tools. Most don't really seem to get just how powerful a resource it really is. I use it nearly every day.

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