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Friedman cabinets. Anyone played the 412/15 butterslax CAB?


I am trying to choose between the Friedman 412 and the 412/15. Has anyone here tried both, and able to share experiences?

My amps are: Friedman JJ, Soldano SLO, Randall Satan.

I play high gain metal tuned to C standard. Lots of trem picking and palm muted galloping. My band plays loud. 2 guitars, bass, drums, vox.

My common sense is telling me to go with the 412. Better chance of being able to get it out of my car and back into my house by myself after a gig. More options for swapping speakers. But I am having trouble resisting the allure of pushing air out a pair of those 412/15 cabs.


Thanks for any input.




I mean realistically I'd just go 4x12. But now that I know that the 4x12/15 is thing I really want one...
That is pretty much exactly how I feel. Insanely curious about the experience of cranking an amp through this thing. Envisioning a pair of 4x12/15s side by side, with a head centered on top.

Problem is, a v30/GB mix in the 412s is a proven formula. I have some idea of what I'm going to get. No idea what a Celestion 15" Fullback/G12H-30 combo sounds like in comparison.


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Lots of trem picking and palm muted galloping.
Those 15s might not respond fast enough for you. Too much "sag" if you will. That's why 10s are a desirable speaker size for bass. All of the low end with a faster attack. 15s are something a reggae bass player would prefer.


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Some good points there Heinz57Pep.

Isn't the 12/15 cab around 100 pounds? Ah, to be young again. Get the bass player to help!

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