Sold Friedman Runt 20 w/ Avatar 1x12 WGS Veteran 30

Mr. Drysdale

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Friedman Runt 20 in mint condition (still has hang tag) and matching Avatar 1x12 closed back cab loaded with 16ohm Veteran 30. I am the original owner, and will ship in original boxes and include footswitch/manual.

Head and cab, shipped CONUS - $1350 PPG (or add 3% for regular PayPal).

Everything works perfectly but unfortunately I need to sell. I will split these up if necessary but would rather sell together of course.

The Runt 20 gets you the hot-rodded Marshall tone Friedman is famous for but with the addition of a simple clean channel and a speaker-emulated Direct Out. You can run the Runt 20 with no load and run the DI to your interface for silent recording or headphone playing. I used this feature a lot and it was a huge selling point for me. Or, if you can run the DI straight to the board and play any size venue with low stage volume.

Let me know if you have any questions or want more pictures - this amp has a lot of features!

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