Friedman Smallbox 50 Demo - Sean Ashe

Sean Ashe


Hey guys! Here's my demo of my wonderful Friedman Amplification Smallbox 50. Definitely my personal favorite amp that I've played. It's extremely responsive to what you do and how you play, and very versatile. Also, the 'biggest' sound I've ever had, and big is good! :)

As always, playing a Tom Anderson Guitarworks guitar, this one was my Koa topped Angel. And I used the amp (yes, straight into the amp, no pedals) into my Two Notes Torpedo Live, using an Ownhammer IR (I think its 412 MAR-CB M-BB-55 Studio Modern SS). Drums were Toontrack Rock Warehouse, bass was my ibanez bass (not sure of the model) into a cool amp modeling plugin that's coming out soon. Mixed and mastered by myself in Logic Pro X.

While this video is on the shorter side, I figure I'd let you judge for yourself without me telling about my opinion. I should mention this also was only channel 2 (BE channel) of the amp, channel 1 or the plexi channel, delivers super spanky and sparkly cleans, or can be driven to rock crunch.

Also had some issues with syncing as this was the first time I used my DSLR & iPad, framerates weren't my friend. Video is 100% live, though :)


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Excellent! I've been looking at this amp and this isn't helping me keep the gas in check

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