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Shawn Lane. Take a look at him on you tube. He passed away a few years back but I use to enjoy jamming with him. He was quite the intelectual musician and I sounded quite silly trying to keep up with him. My main influences were Hendrix, Clapton, Freddie, Albert and BB. He was really worshiped by the people of India and spent as much time as possible playing there near the end of his life. If you get a chance, watch him on "you tube". He was amazing and of course a little over the top for some people, but he was one of the smartest persons I have ever had the opportunity of knowing.

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Wasn't he also married to Diane Lane? Great actress. Shame about his death. His music wasn't my thing but I watched some of his videos and he was very articulate and communicated his passion for music.


Quote from Micheal Angelo-

"Shawn Lane was a Jedi Master of the Guitar"

Just got a whole bunch of audience recordings.....gonna have fun listening to 'em.

Seeing how the old Blooze crowd here consider him a shredder...there probably wont be much love.


He was amazing. Better chops than most shredders, but could play with so much feel. Must have been amazing to know him- I feel that way about Rusty Cooley, whom I have taken some lessons from- but he's not likely to show up at my next gig.

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