Fripp is back at it. And I have to say...


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hate to rain on the parade.... but i have to say fripp actually sounds pretty bad in some of these videos. like close your eyes and think you're on the 2000s guitar center sales floor bad. i get that they're supposed to be fun but it seems incongruous to me. Fripp's playig is generally so precise and sophisticated. The guy wrote an album called "Discipline" and during the guitar craft days was supposedly one of the toughest teachers around when it came to music and guitar. its weird to hear him sound not in the best intonation and fudge up the timing a little on a song that everyone has heard 10,000 times. I say this as someone who loves both Crimson and his work with Brian Eno and has seen him perform live. Maybe that's part of the joke.
Some of his other videos in this series (released mostly weekly) have supremely musical and dignified things like him chasing Toyah around in dinosaur costumes and him wearing a tutu and dancing. As much as I like and respect Fripp, these videos have driven that up by orders of magnitude. He can deliver musical wizardry when needed, but these videos are not that occasion. Is there anything more irresistable than a well respected and supremely talented musician totally making fun of himself? Well, maybe Ms. Fripp's presentation is quite beguiling... IMHO one of the things that makes these videos work so well is Fripp's reputation of being a super serious and stern guy. What a trip to see him dancing in a tutu. And him sounding stupid is part of the charm.

Some folks need to lighten up. These videos are a treasure and delight, and if anything are getting Fripp and Toyah much well deserved attention these days.
Ffs ... I will address the elephant in the room .. Everyone seems to just dance around ignoring it .. Am i the only one so perturbed as to be willing to express my supreme dissatisfaction that AT NO TIME whatsoever is the exercise equipment shown .. I mean .. WTH? ..get with it, Fripp


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How is it possible that a man so utterly humorless in his youth evolved into this.
Not 100% true. Listen to his first release "The Cheerful Insanity of Giles Giles and Fripp" released around '68. It is interspersed with dry humor between each cut and some of the lyrics are very amusing. One of my favorite lps. I do agree in one sense and have often noted how dark KC is. It's hard to imagine it's the same guy after his first release.

Listen to these lyrics:

I also think his wife has a lot to do with these videos.

On another note, this is one of the most difficult pieces I've ever attempted.

Do you guys think Fripp wears a white shirt, tie etc daily? My grandfather did and my dad did on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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