Fripp is back at it. And I have to say...


Worth mentioning that he's playing this (and most of the other videos) in New Standard Tuning (CGDAEG). The only guitar he keeps in standard tuning is his old three pickup Black Beauty.


They're clearly having fun and at 75, Fripp's a pretty lucky guy. I am guessing these weird videos are keeping the bills paid, given the number of views (and this one may be specifically intended for just that purpose). It's a nice departure from sad and serious streamed performances on Facebook with a Venmo and Paypal link that most musicians have been reduced to at this point.
Lol. Robert Fripp of King Crimson looking up tab? That’s a funny thought. He obviously just quickly figured it out by ear shortly before recording.
He started out tone deaf and had to get his roadie to tune his guitar. So glancing at the tab because Madame asks him nicely... well you would, wouldn't you? There's also a cover of Black Dog and Paranoid floating about somewhere and I'd guess both haven't had too much more than a cursory glance. But both are really quite as wonderfully mad as this.


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hate to rain on the parade.... but i have to say fripp actually sounds pretty bad in some of these videos. like close your eyes and think you're on the 2000s guitar center sales floor bad. i get that they're supposed to be fun but it seems incongruous to me. Fripp's playig is generally so precise and sophisticated. The guy wrote an album called "Discipline" and during the guitar craft days was supposedly one of the toughest teachers around when it came to music and guitar. its weird to hear him sound not in the best intonation and fudge up the timing a little on a song that everyone has heard 10,000 times. I say this as someone who loves both Crimson and his work with Brian Eno and has seen him perform live. Maybe that's part of the joke.
He's married.

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