Fryette Power Station Question (using as a load box)


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I'm in the market for a load box and have narrowed my choices down to the Suhr Reactive Load and the Fryette Power Station. I like the PS a lot, mostly because it doubles as a fantastic attenuator. In terms of recording with the PS, can it be used as a load box into my interface WITHOUT a cab connected? I've read through the manual, and it's not clear on how to do this. I'm specifically confused by this paragraph...

"IMPORTANT: The SPEAKER 1 jack has an open load protection feature. If no cable is connected to this jack the Power Station will remain locked in BYPASS/STANDBY mode regardless of the front panel Standby switch setting. This is done to prevent potential damage to your valuable vintage amp should the speaker cable become disconnected while in Bypass mode."

Does this mean that I have to connect the speaker 1 jack to my audio interface? OR, does this mean that recording without a cab is not possible with the PS? I had assumed you would just take the line out into the audio interface, but the above paragraph makes it sound like without a cable connected to the speaker jack, the PS is in permanent standby.

Help? Thanks.

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