Fryette Powerstation 2 input level selector circuit

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  1. werki

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    Dec 1, 2016
    London, UK

    I play a Bogner Cosma Shiva through a Fryette Powerstation (version 1) in order to keep the volume down at home. When I crank the Bogner even a bit (master and chanel volume halfway), the volume through the Powerstation is still too loud for me. I can turn down the volume on the Fryette to almost zero and then it works great, but I am always scared that even breathing hard on the volume knob would instantly cause my neighbours to complain :)

    I know that the new version 2 of the powerstation has an input level switch that adresses this problem, but for now I want to keep the current one. Do you know how that switch is implemented and whether its possible to mod/retrofit my older powerstation with one? I was thinking that maybe it just adds a resistor in serial to the volume pot in order to give it more 'resolution' in the lower region.

    Would be nice to hear what you think!

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