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    Dec 28, 2006
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    SOLD...Pending Payment


    I just purchased a new Peters Professional Series three channel amp, and so I'm selling my Fryette Sig X, since they both cover basically the same ground.

    I purchased this one from the original owner about 8 months ago, and have used it exclusively in the studio to record, so it's never been gigged since I've owned it. It was recently retubed by Steven Fryette, and brought up to the latest Sig X specs, so it's ready to play just about any type of music you care to create.

    One of the most versatile amps I've owned in my 30+ years of playing, performing and recording. There just isn't a sound you can't create with this amp (IMHO).

    It's in very good shape, no tolex tears or scrapes.

    $1,200 Shipped/Paypaled CON US ONLY





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